Favorable Group menu

Any individual choices.

Take the opportunity to enjoy an Italian design group menu.

Group menu is true if you are at least two people

and you have ordered food at least a day in advance,
preferably by email:

2 dishes Kr. 325:-
3 dishes Kr. 375:-
4 dishes Kr. 425:-
The price includes a welcome aperitif.
For enterprises, we also offer invoicing.(30 days)

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Prosecco: (always included)Prosecco (sparkling wine with ) or non alcoholic version
1 Vitello tonnato e rucola:Thinly sliced fillet of veal covered in a sauce made of tune, caper, lemon
and mayonnaise. Served on a bed of rucola lattuce.

2 Mozzarella caprese: (V)Sliced mozzarella cheese served with sliced tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, basil and pepper marinated in olive oil
3 Carpaccio di salmone:Thinly sliced lemon marinated smoked salmon served with olive oil, rucola lettuce, diced fresh tomatoes and sliced parmesan cheese
4 Bruschetta della casa: (V)Toasted garlic bread with olive pate, mozzarella cheese, rucola lettuce and sliced tomatoes
5 Pappardelle al filetto e tartufo:Large, flat egg pasta with sliced fillet of beef, Italian truffle, bacon, parsley, garlic, fresh mushrooms and olive oil
6 Penne al salmone e vodkaPenne with salmon, white wine, cream, leeks, lumpfish roe and vodka
7 Spaghetti primavera: (V)Spaghetti with fresh vegetables, white wine, garlic, bouillon and olive oil
8 Penne alla ClaudioPenne with diced chicken, Sun-dried tomatoes, leeks and cream.
9 Merluzzo alla livorneseFried cod fillet with tomato sauce, olives, capers, white wine, oregano and garlic.
Served with boiled potatoes.
10 Trancio di salmone al pomodoro frescoFried boneless salmon with a sauce of fresh tomatoes, capers, garlic, parsley and olive oil. Served with boiled potatoes.
11 Scaloppine buongustaio:Lightly breased veal cutlets broiled in butter with basil, Parma ham and pecorino.
Served with rosemary-potatoes
12 Bocconcini di pollo:Oven baked chicken leg fillet rolled with Parma ham and fresh sage. Served with fried potatoes
13 Filetto al pepe verde:Grilled fillet of beef served with green pepper sauce and rosemary-potatoes
14 Filetto di manzo con funghi PortobelloGrilled Beef Tenderloin covered with parma ham. Served with red wine sauce, homemade veal stock, sauteed Portobello mushrooms and fried potatoes.
15 Tiramisú:Italian dessert with coffeliquer, mascarpone cheese, savoiardi bisquits, zabaione sauce and cacao
16 Tartufo classico:Egg vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with chocolate sauce and cacao
17 Budino della casaBaked dessert made from egg, milk, caramel sauce and Grand Marnier-likör.
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