Sunday dinner 1 november

Chooses between two different starters, two different main courses and one dessert.

2 courses 225:    -    3 courses 265: -


We also offer our regular à la carte menu.

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Vitello tonnatoThinly sliced veal fillet covered with a sauce of tuna, capers, lemon and mayonnaise.
Served on a rucolabädd.
Ravioloni al pestoCheese and spinach stuffed large ravioli with pesto sauce.
Main Course
Gamberoni alla grigliaGrilled King prawns with aioli.
Served with salad.
Filetto di manzo al gorgonzolaGrilled Beef tenderloin with Gorgonzola Sauce and fresh mushrooms.
Served with rosemary potatoes.

Profiterol al cioccolatoPetit four filled with whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce.
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